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Gina Radu, Sr Training Coordinator for Incentive Compensation, Oracle Romania

„The foreign language courses from Interact have been appreciated by my colleagues for more then 4 years. The quality of the manuals and the right balance between grammar and vocabulary issues are strong points for Interact. The flexibility of the trainers, the customization to the needs of the target audience, the creative and interactive sessions are just a few of the most appreciated aspects when working with the Interact trainers. Moreover, as the sponsor, I know I can rely on relevant, timely reports in order to be up-to-date with the progress of the participants.”

Diana Bejan, Country Business Manager, Nestle Purina Romania

It makes me extremely happy to write this letter, following the positive experience I had with Georgeta as my Executive Coach, 5 years ago.

Yes, 5 years have passed since we had our 1 to 1 coaching session and I realized I am still harvesting the results. I can say the sessions with Georgeta are similar to a good wine...the more time is passing over, the better and intense is the result.

I had coaching sessions with Georgeta while I was Level -1 in the organization, aspiring to the Business Country Management role. As a Country Manager, I contacted Georgeta to coach also my team members. With her help and expertise, we became a strong and united team, exceeding business results year after year.

Barabas Zsuzsanna, Learning and Development Coordinator, MOL Romania

Our organization has been continuously collaborating with the Interact team since 2013 for our internal learning & development programs. In Interact we have found a long-term partner for defining, developing and delivering some very successful development initiatives related to customized soft skills trainings and facilitated workshops.

We have worked together on programs addressing the whole organization of approximately 250 employees, or on some small group projects with a more focused scope, sometimes targeting very challenging objectives. Each time we have found great openness and flexibility from Interact consultants' side to adapt to our requests and to our participating colleagues background, and to come up with training program proposals that truly address our specific development needs.

Through all these years we have had the chance to collaborate with well-prepared consultants and trainers from Interact team, who provided real expertise and delivered some memorable projects for us.

For all the above reasons, we recommend the Interact team as a reliable and long-term partner for training projects and learning & development consultancy.

Raluca Secretianu, Procurement Manager, Nestle Romania

"Think on your feet" - a very appropriate name for this course that reveals to the participant some memorable tools, like the "Clock" or the "Bridge". Very well structured, focused theory and plenty of practice afterwards. A useful lesson of communication for leaders, either formal or informal, a lesson that is easy to learn, attractive and fruitful, especially for day to day coaching sessions or when building constructive feedback messages. All in all, a great combination of information and interaction that makes the participant more confident, mastering the words, their dynamics and power, the structure and the efficiency of the message.

Alina Doica played the trainer role with professionalism and charisma, giving support to participants, challenging them, walking the talk and leaving us with the impression that our time, so precious these days, was successfully invested for the benefit of our personal development and sustaining the performance of our company."

Diósi László, General Director, OTP Bank Romania S.A.

"Before I was suggested to try Interact, I had already had some failures in trying to learn Romanian. I had some background with Latin, Italian and Russian, so I thought Romanian would be easy. I had been terribly wrong! My first teachers started with grammar, grammar and grammar, which, in Romanian usually comes with an unlimited number of exceptions and irregularities. So I tried to learn all of these (which was very difficult during and after working hours, being tired and my attention diverted), but in the everyday life I couldn't even order a glass of wine. Being unsuccessful, I gave up.

Two years later I restarted with Interact, and I learnt that learning Romanian can be easy and fun. I have discovered in myself the hidden unprompted knowledge, and a new world has opened for me. With my teacher we focus on speaking, discussions and everyday life situations, and although my grammar is still far from being perfect, I am brave to initiate discussions anywhere with anybody. Today for me learning Romanian is not a burden anymore, but a challenge, and, after many successes, I am motivated to learn and I aspire to know.

Thanks, Interact, thank you, Aura!"

Laura Tampa, Executive Director, IAA School of Marketing & Communications

“Presentation, Reasoning and Show” is a very useful seminar in the context of the IAA School; our students have the opportunity to refine their presentation skills and techniques. Alina is the perfect model in this respect, as she illustrates, for the duration of the workshop, the way a presentation should be conceived and delivered.

During the three days of the seminar Alina proves herself as an experienced and dedicated trainer – she knows how to transfer interactively the skills and knowledge with relevance and impact. We would like our future students to benefit from Alina’s experience and expertise, as she is one of the trainers who adds a lot of value to the IAA School."

Ioan Huma, Managing Director,
E.ON IT Romania

"We have chosen to work with Interact on some of our projects for personal and professional development. We have always appreciated the interactive, yet extremely pragmatic approach of the training. What I particularly enjoyed about the Business Case training was that it succeeded in challenging every single trainee to think like a manager.

The trainer, Silvia Bogdan, played a key role in structuring the information; she proved remarkable creativity and kept the participants focused for the entire 3-day "marathon". For us the Business Case has become a template of methodology in Project Management and valuable support in the structured approach to decision making within our Managing Committee."

Alexandra Ilinca, Internal Communications Coordinator, HR and PR Direction, GDF SUEZ Energy Romania

“The course … has been very interesting in terms of how we can structure the ideas in order to be effective in our job. I think this type of course is useful especially for those categories of professionals who have a communication component in their work. I warmly recommend the course to my colleagues in the HR Department; I think that it could greatly help those working in strategic projects.”

Albert Roggemans, Country Manager Retail Banking, ING Ba

“The Romanian language course, Discovering Romanian, offered by Interact, has been very efficient.”After only a few months of study it has helped me to write and deliver my first speech in Romanian to my colleagues in Romania. I appreciate the interactive teaching method, as well as the flexibility in organizing the study program.”

Iulian Vasile Natu, Petrom, E&P Division, Field Cluster Manager

“In our opinion, OIL EXTRACTION TODAY™ business simulation is the most important course that builds aware and responsible thinking of every aspect around actions performed in the oil extraction activity.”


“After 6 months of language training with Interact, I would like to express my full satisfaction with the methodology used by the teachers, and their great skills to make you learn the Romanian language. I warmly recommend Interact as training company”.

Iuliana Stefan, Sef Directie Formare Profesionala, BRD

“Ever since the beginning of our collaboration with the Interact team, we have appreciated the professionalism, flexibility and competence of the trainers. The adapted programs, the wish to always meet our needs are the strong points that recommend this company as a trustworthy partner.”

Felicia Relenschi, Marketing Manager, Garanti Leasing

“Our experience with Interact has changed our perspective on our daily activities. Flexibility, interactivity and the client-oriented approach of the workshop have convinced us to adopt new sales strategies and to improve our pro-activity in our relationships with clients.”

Liliana Urziceanu, HR Director, PRAKTIKER

“A young and ambitious team, willing to understand as many of the client’s needs as possible in order to successfully fulfill them.”

Marius Marinescu, BRD-Branch Director

Le Française Pratique is very well structured, focusing on conversation and speaking abilities, which are essential when learning a foreign language.Le Française Pratique is flexible; I can adjust it together with my trainer from week to week according to my time availability and depending on areas that need improvement.The course is very easy to approach-it has simple lessons that captivate you during the teaching session and you don’t know when time has gone by. At the beginning of the session I tell myself: “ouch, the French session again, I had something better to do, so many papers to check…., and at the end of the session I feel like staying a little longer for some conversation…”Aura Frincu, the trainer I had this course with, is a patient, professional person, who knew how to lead the lesson or change from it to other conversations that are useful outside the lesson; all these to develop French conversation without the slightest inconvenient. She is a punctual, correct, well-prepared trainer and a sociable and communicative person.”

Laura Pana, a major IT Company

“Dear Andreea, first of all I want to thank you for everything you have done over this course andfor all your support regarding my work activities. During this course I have improved my English, fact that was observed also by my colleagues in UK.

What I liked more was that the course was flexible allowing us to talk aboutsubjects we like or we need and also about products we use in our daily work in order to improve our communication and presentation skills!For me this was very useful because these skills were included as “skills to improve” in my personal development plan.I hope we’ll meet again soon to continue the English course and the great job we’ve done until now.”

Florin Gorghe, Porsche Romania

"It’s been a while since I wanted to attend an English course, but I’ve always procrastinated. Only after starting the courses did I realise what I had been missing. Learning a new language opens up new opportunities and helps you better integrate in multinational teams.

The Interact trainer, Oana Macroiu, helped me a great deal by constantly looking for the learning methods that best suit me.

Her professionalism and dedication left no room for dodging so, little by little, with Oana’s help, I consolidated my knowledge. The high-quality materials we received, the methods behind the classes, the calm and professionalism of the trainers, are words that definitely describe Interact."

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Do you have questions about us?
Looking for change solutions?
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