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What is our solution?

To provide the context in which leaders become aware of self behaviours and practices that affect people and organizations performance.

To create an environment that facilitates a better understanding of self and own vulnerabilities hence providing the basis for becoming both a better person and leader

And what is different?

√A unique experiential learning program

√Based on an initiatic journey model

√In a group coaching format

√Providing real life situations experiences 

The group of participants, accompanied by two coaches need to reach Delphi, the final destination, by completing different tasks, case studies and activities while also taking time to pause, reflect and discuss about the events they go through

The participants receive a business case study they need to work on and solve during the trip.

Participants are faced with real life challenges and unexpected situations meant to bring out their reactions, behaviours and decisions in such circumstances.

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Georgeta Dendrino

With an Executive Master in Coaching and Consulting for Change from INSEAD and more than 6 years of experience in executive coaching, Georgeta Dendrino is the main coach and designer of this program. She is the Managing Director of Interact and has more than 18 years of experience in the field of training and consultancy and more than six years in coaching. She has developed and delivered training programs for managerial teams from top to middle management, and has been a team leader in various consultancy projects. She has developed various business simulations and teambuilding programs. Working with major industries such as Banks, Construction, pharmaceutical and oil. Georgeta is a member of The Executive Board of AMCOR (Romanian Management Consultancies Association) and member of the Romanian Human Resources Club.

Education and Acquired Trainings: Executive Master in Coaching and Consulting for Change, INSEAD, April 2014 – May 2016; The Challenge of Leadership, Insead, January – December 2013; Executive MBA, Asebuss and Kennessaw State University, Atlanta, USA, 2007; Human Resources Management Certificate of Seneca College, Toronto Business Administration and Marketing Courses, Seneca College, Toronto, Canada Professional Certificate in Management, The Open University, UK, (CODECS), 1998 – 2000; BA, Bucharest University, Foreign Languages Faculty, 1992. 


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